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Moving to the Cloud

12 minute read

Thumbnail image for 'Moving to the Cloud' cloud bill’s a brewin’ It may seem odd in 2023 to be talking about moving infrastructure to the cloud, but I am constantly surprised at how many businesses that could be cloud-based aren’t. AWS has been around for 17 years, Google Cloud for 15 years, Azure for 13 years and alternative cloud offerings for 10 years. Actually, I say I’m su...

The Creator Myth

14 minute read

Thumbnail image for 'The Creator Myth' the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best Probably the most important change to tech delivery, in the last five years or so, has been the rise of Product Management. As a discipline Product Management has been around since way before we had software products and services that needed managing, but ...

The Big Data Deception

11 minute read

Thumbnail image for 'The Big Data Deception' You can’t go to a conference, read a blog (ahem) or open a tech mag without someone talking about Big Data these days. Now I’m as excited the next person whenever new techniques, approaches, tools, frameworks, whatever come along, but equally, given our industry’s penchant for hype, it’s important to keep one eye out for denuded empero...

The Estimation Game

12 minute read

In trying to put down some words on project estimation I’ve had to come to terms with an internal contradiction which I guess goes all the way back to the origins of software engineering. Logic tells me that because the ultimate goal of a software project is a series of machine instructions that perform some useful task, and because at the lowest level these are almost wholly predictable in the...

Was that Tactegic or Stractical?

7 minute read

You’ve been assigned to a project. The requirements are well understood and they make sense. The team is capable and the project manager reasonable. The one thing you don’t have, because we never do, is time. This is a project with a David Beckham date. The David Beckham date is a term I use for an immoveable launch target. I once worked on a project where David Beckham had been booked to do t...