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Blockchain and The Third Web

26 minute read

Thumbnail image for 'Blockchain and The Third Web' “Tell us where you hid the USB drivewith the bitcoin on” Last time I talked about the origins of the architecture of the modern web and how it is what it is because people like Tim Berners-Lee and Roy Fielding radically decomposed the problem space into its stable, long-living, constituent parts. These parts are the constraining buildin...

100-Year Architecture

14 minute read

Thumbnail image for '100-Year Architecture' your neon lights will shine for you, Xanadu In late 2011, I was asked to talk at a conference on digital trends. I didn’t have anything prepared so hastily suggested the topic “100-Year Architecture,” thinking that sounded clickbaity enough to get people to show up and I could fill in the blanks later. I did though have one thought in m...

Moving to the Cloud

12 minute read

Thumbnail image for 'Moving to the Cloud' cloud bill’s a brewin’ It may seem odd in 2023 to be talking about moving infrastructure to the cloud, but I am constantly surprised at how many businesses that could be cloud-based aren’t. AWS has been around for 17 years, Google Cloud for 15 years, Azure for 13 years and alternative cloud offerings for 10 years. Actually, I say I’m su...

Is Agile Killing the Architect?

7 minute read

Thumbnail image for 'Is Agile Killing the Architect?' is agile killing the architect? The formally recognised discipline of software architecture is 20 years old but it’s also a bit of a conundrum: opinions about the questionable value architects add to projects are strongly held and yet job vacancies for architects are as abundant as ever. So which is it? Is architecture in the enterprise...

The Lean Architect

9 minute read

Thumbnail image for 'The Lean Architect' Any man mentions he’s a Certified ScrumMaster spends a night in the box Anyone who’s soaked their head in agile techniques for a while can’t help but become a little obsessed by the concept of “lean”. Behind all the fine words they’re essentially the same thing - a quest to discover ways of delivering with the minimum amount of waste: s...