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NoSQL in the Enterprise

30 minute read

Thumbnail image for 'NoSQL in the Enterprise' Is this a schema I see before me? Welcome to part two. Last time we looked at the experience of getting a NoSQL product accepted in an enterprise environment. Assuming you got through that, the next step is to do something useful with it. Like any tool, you will only get good stuff out if you know how make the best of it. In this case that means not treating it too much like a relational database and understanding the internal nuances...

Freedom from the Tyranny of Schemas

14 minute read

Thumbnail image for 'Freedom from the Tyranny of Schemas' Don’t get too carried awaywith your NoSQL Product Time flies - it was nearly two years ago that I wrote Strained Relationships, an article extolling the potential benefits of NoSQL data stores. My main point then, and now, was that certain features of the new wave of non-relational products looked a promising solution (in part) to improving speed-of-change in large enterprises. Sadly, too many articles in the NoSQL space still focus t...

The Attraction of Laws

12 minute read

Thumbnail image for 'The Attraction of Laws' David wondered whether the teamhad deliberately given him the wrongdirections for the meeting room I noticed last week just how many half-written articles I have queued up for completion. Postwise, the last twelve months has been heavy on ideas but light on completion. Sorry about that. Unless you think my stuff sucks in which case “you’re welcome”. It’s been a very busy period and writing time has been hard to find. But when I look a...

The Secret Sauce

23 minute read

Thumbnail image for 'The Secret Sauce' If the Enterprise Architectcriticised the sauce this time,it was going over his head Last time, I was talking about what I consider to be the general lack of a crisis in software development. And it got me thinking - if there is no crisis in software development, no inherent flaws in our tools or our methods, then there must somehow be a way to convey the appropriate use of these tools and methods in order that everybody could get it ...

Crisis Over

3 minute read

Thumbnail image for 'Crisis Over' The Noodle Tree So I have a question, or at least I think I do, because maybe the answer is obvious and any sense of there being a question is redundant. Why do so many articles on software development these days (and for some time) start with outlining how truly awful, and late, and expensive it always is? I’ve said it too, often. But it’s getting boring. Statistically, if you were to parachute into a randomly selected IT developme...